Touring Shows at EgoPo

Hailed as "blazing with imagination" by BackStage, EgoPo Classic Theater combines virtuosic physical performances with the poetic language of classic plays to create visceral and visually stunning theater.

Part of our mission is to bring our unique work to audiences through out the nation and beyond.

*Bring one of our wolrd premiere creations into your tradidtional space.

*Take your non-traditional space and fill it with one of our site-sensitive productions.

*Or welcome us into your univeristy to stage one of our epic classics with your students. 

 EgoPo’s goal is to give audiences spectacular, unforgettable classic theater called "blissful and terrifying" (NY Times).  Bring your audiences or students into our reimagined classics today.  The following is a list of our repertory productions available for outside bookings.


Searing, scandalous, and seductive, Hell is a world premiere adaptation of the infamous novel by Henri Barbous that explores the isolation of a young husband returned from war.

The Golem

A World Premiere about Judaism's darkest myth brought to life with live original music, Czech marionettes, and stylized movement. Bring the piece into your venue or re-create with your own professional or university actors.

The Diary of Anne Frank

This deeply personal account of the Holocaust pairs a story you only thought you knew with EgoPo's intimate and highly realistic staging. A perfect piece to bring into a traditional theater space to engage new audiences.

Waiting for Godot

Crisp and athletic, EgoPo's smash hit looked to the black and white silent films of Charlie Chaplin to create an equally funny and moving night of existentialism.


Bold, site-sensitive staging, and a brand new musical score make this Marat/Sade anything but typical and perfect for a non-traditional venue.

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening is an epic and dizzyingly delightful exploration of the threshold of adulthood. Perfect for bold university programs to re-stage with students.


A World Premiere re-telling of Maeterlinck’s epic story of the search for happiness, brought to life with live music, Bluebird is an incredible ensemble piece. Wonderful for people of all ages and perfect for universities.

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