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"One of the most audacious productions at this year’s Fringe Festival" - Philadelphia Weekly
"Nora's words, "It's true, I do not know what the world is like," have never rung so true"-  City Paper
"Her performance is seamless, one of those little finds in the Fringe festival that makes you feel as if you've discovered her yourself" - Newswork
"I walked out of the theater both impressed and disturbed" - Broad Street Review


Adapted and Directed by Brenna Geffers


This World Premiere Adaptation of Ibsen's classic premiered in September 2013. One fourteen-year-old actress armed with a collection of peculiar toys smashes Ibsen's masterpiece and reassembles it within her understanding of her own place in America's current society. Using modern, pop-culture icons to help her decode what feminity means, this piece asks- Have we actually left the doll house?

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