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The Children's Hour

By Lillian Hellman
Directed by Adrienne Mackey

This renowned 1930's classic welcomed Adrienne Mackey of Swim Pony Performing Arts in her EgoPo directorial debut.

When one of the wealthy girls does not get her way, she destroys the lives of the headmistresses by accusing them of a secret love. This powerful tragedy that confronts the dangers of sexual prejudice still resonates today. Guest director Adrienne Mackey of Swim Pony Performing Arts brings this classic to exciting new life for EgoPo.

Featuring: Mary Lee Bednarek, Keith Conallen, Jenna Horton, Jack Henry, Emilie Krause, Samia Merritt, Kishia Nixon, Francesca Piccioni, Rebekah Sharp, Maryruth Stine, Twoey Truong, Katie Verde, Cheryl Williams, and John Schultz.

Direction: Adrienne Mackey
Stage Management: Samantha Wend
Set Design: Marketa Fantova
Lighting Design: Maria Shaplin
Costume Design: Jillian Keys
Sound Design: Joshua Boden
Technical Director: James Jackson
Scenic Charge Artist: Mark Williams
Assistant Stage Manager: Krista Thorpe

"...The Children's Hour, should be way passé. But EgoPo's fine production, under Adrienne Mackey's vigorous direction, shows us that the play lives on. " -The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The EgoPo cast is excellent and under Adrienne Mackey's direction they conjure characters who are authentic and relatable.." -Talkin' Broadway

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