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The Women

By Clare Boothe Luce
Directed by Lane Savadove

Co-produced with Rowan University, Luce's comic masterpiece parodies society's expectations of women.

Clare Booth Luce's comic masterpiece satirizing marriage ran for two years on Broadway and has been made into two feature films. This hilarious social critique of the pampered lives and power struggles of Manhattan socialites exposes the genuine emotions that lie beneath. The sharp wit and piercing jabs of this play are boldly staged by EgoPo Artistic Director, Lane Savadove.

Featuring: Karina Balfour, Mary Lee Bednarek, Elisabeth Hostetter, Rebecca Joy, Melanie Julian, Lee Minora, Genevieve Perrier, and Cheryl Williams

Presenting: Lauren Ackermann, Courtney Bundens, Kristie Ecke, Ileana Fortuno, Beatrice Hemmings, Courtney Jarmush, Emily Lewis, Colleen Murphy, Sam Price, Julie Roberts, and Kylie Westerbeck

Direction: Lane Savadove
Stage Management (EgoPo): Melody Wong
Stage Management (Rowan): Dana Melnyk
Set Design: Thom Weaver
Lighting Design (Rowan): Robert A. Thorpe
Lighting Design (EgoPo): Eric Baker
Costume Design: Rita Squitiere
Sound Design: David Cimetta
Technical Direction (Rowan): Tom Fusco
Technical Direction (EgoPo): James Jackson
Costume Shop Supervision: Jamie Grace-Duff
Stage Crew: Andrew Diaz
Assistant Costume Design: Katie Kiessling & Victoria Weber
Assistant Lighting Design: Timothy Laxton & Kyle Santopadre
Assistant Technical Direction: Peter Lewis

Co-produced with Rowan University's College of Performing Arts

Show Sponsorship: Dr. Joel & Bobbie Porter

"As so often at EgoPo, I felt I was seeing and hearing the play — one I know well — for the first time." -Philly Mag

"EgoPo’s production will give you cause to think about society’s view of women, and women’s view of themselves, both then and now." -DC MetroTheatreArts

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