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Stairs to the Roof

by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Lane Savadove & Dane Eissler

One of Tennessee Williams' very first play, this rarely produced gem was created in partnership with Rowan University's Department of Theatre & Dance.

A young Tennessee Williams wrote this "prayer for the wild of heart who are kept in cages" while working in his father's shoe factory in St. Louis. The story follows a young office clerk's dreams of freedom and a higher purpose in life, and his discovery of a magical escape - a secret stairs to the roof of his office - which begins his journey from the ordinary to seek an extraordinary life. Lane Savadove and Dane Eissler directed this ode to youth through the lens of a carnivalesque toy theater in partnership with Performing Arts at Rowan University.

Featuring: Craig O'Brien, Lauren Berman, Dexter Anderson, Aj Klein, Katherine Elizabeth, Jenna Kuerzi, Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez, Dana Orange, Michael Patrick Pliskin, Christopher Marlowe Roche, Angela Smith, Andy Spinosi, Matthew Weil, Ileana Fortuño, and Constanze Sophie Keller

Directors: Lane Savadove & Dane Eissler
Set Design: Dan Soule
Lighting Design: Matt Sharp
Costume Design: Robin Shane
Sound Design: Robert Carlton
Stage Manager: Lauren Ackermann
Technical Director: James Jackson
Asst. Director: Emily McHale
Asst. Stage Manager: Shannon Querida Harkins
Production Photos: Dave Garrett Sarrafian

"Behind the excellence of the cast lies the excellence of the director; Lane Savadove has brought his inventive, goofy imagination to a text that could easily bog down in socio-political speechifying and gloom, and whipped this forgotten script into terrific theater." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"..Stairs to the Roof is refreshingly outrageous, smartly produced with youthful zeal and low-budget abandon, and deserves to be the season’s surprise hit." -Philadelphia City Paper

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