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“The company triumphs on all counts in delivering a genuine and affecting story—a story, and a production, that should never be forgotten” - Stage Magazine


“More believable and engaging than in any previous productions I've seen” - Broadstreet Review


“The man seated next to me stifled a sob and a tear rolled down his cheek. On the other side of the stage, another man pressed his lips together and blinked fast, then reached for the hand of his wife, whose cheeks were already wet with tears” - Jewish Exponent





Adapted by Wendy Kesselman  

Directed by Lane Savadove


This Pulitzer Prize-winning drama comes to life like never before. Enter into the lives of two families hiding from the Nazis in a tiny attic that is both their sanctuary and their prison. This deeply personal account of the Holocaust will bring a fresh perspective to a tragic period in history with EgoPo's intimate and highly realistic staging.

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