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Alice: not your child's wonderland

Based on Lewis Carroll's cherished story
Adapted by Dane Eissler & Jenna Kuerzi
Directed by Dane Eissler

This bold re-envisioning of a cherished tale at lavish Glen Foerd was the party of a lifetime... but NOT for children.

You are invited to the party of a lifetime at the lavish Glen Foerd Estate along the Delaware River. As festivities devolve into debaucherous bacchanalia, Alice hides from the adults, comforted by a familiar bedtime story. The two worlds clash and fuse into a topsy-turvy Wonderland as she seeks out safety ina world without boundaries. Sip champagne and nibble hors d'oeuvres under an open-air performance tent for this bold re-envisioning of Lewis Carroll's cherished children's story... which is definitely not for children.

Featuring: Jenna Keurzi, Mr Stein, Davey Strattan White, Minou Pourshariati, Abdul Sesay, Caitlin Alvarez, and Kyleen Shaw.

Direction & Scenic Design: Dane Eissler

Lighting Design: Earl Girls, LLC

Costume Design: Scott McMaster

Sound Design & Original Compositions: Chris Sannino

Properties: Avista Custom Theatrical Services

Stage Management: Molly Jo

COVID Compliance Officer: Glynnis Nadel

Production Management: Dane Eissler

Photos: Kylie Westerbeck

Sponsored by: Edward & Susan Hoffman

"[Eissler and Kuerzi] render the conventional Carroll narrative through unconventional means. This can be amusing, especially in the company’s use of quirky props to create the fantastical characters of the underworld" -Cameron Kelsall, Broad Street Review

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