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Curse of the Starving Class

By Sam Shepard
Directed by Lane Savadove

EgoPo comes full Tarot circle remounting their 2020 show that was shut down days before opening.

The Tates are on the brink of emotional and financial ruin as each family member plans a desperate escape. Ella plots with a smarmy real estate agent, while husband Weston holes up at the local bar, and 13-year-old Emma dreams of a life of crime. Meanwhile, son Wesley tries desperately to hold the house together, and the family's lamb takes the brunt of it all. Winner of the 1978 Obie Award for Best New American Play, Curse asks whether our family is our destiny or if we can alter our own futures.

Featuring: Rob Kahn, Melanie Julian, Dawn McCall, Kylie Westerbeck, Damien J. Wallace, Scott Rodrigue, Taye Hopkins, and Jackson Brown.

Direction: Lane Savadove

Set Design: Dirk Durossette

Lighting Design: Andrew Cowles

Costume Design: Jamie Grace-Duff

Sound Design: Ava Weintzweig

Properties: Avista Custom Theatricals

Lamb Providers: Little Hooves Romneys

Lamb Wrangler: Kirk Slinguff

Stage Management: Lyndsey Connolly

Covid Compliance Officer: Zoe Gilmore

Assistant Stage Managers: Triston Haq and Gabe Seplow

Production Management: Dane Eissler

Photos: Kevin Monko

Sponsored by Dr. Joel and Mrs. Bobbie Porter

"Director Lane Savadove does an admirable job balancing the sly humor and self-conscious weirdness of the first and second acts—a refrigerator filled with nothing but artichokes, a 4H poster dramatically showered with urine—and the devastating denouement that leaves the family irrevocably broken." -Cameron Kelsall, Broad Street Review

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