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Life is a Dream

Based on the play by Pedro Calderón de la Barca
Created by Brenna Geffers & Felipe Vergara
Directed by Brenna Geffers

This reimagining of this Spanish Golden Age classic asks, "How do we activate change in our own kingdoms?"

When a prophecy decrees that the heir to the throne will upend the kingdom, the king imprisons his only child, dooming the prince to a life in isolation. Warring factions struggle for dominance as the line between reality and fantasy blurs: were the memories of the newly freed prince just a dream? Created in collaboration with Colombian writer and director, Felipe Vergara.

Featuring: Keith Conallen, Anthony Crosby, Jessy Gruver, Emma Johnson, Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez, Kishia Nixon, Vanessa Sterling, and Lexi Thammavong

Direction: Brenna Geffers

Choreography: Hassan Syed

Set Design: Thom Weaver and Allondra Santos-Castillo

Lighting Design: J. Dominic Chacon

Costume Design: Kyra Zapf

Sound Design & Original Compositions: Chris Sannino

Properties: Dane Eissler

Stage Management: Tess Mathewson

COVID Compliance Officer: Melody Marshall

Production Management: Dane Eissler

Photos: Kylie Westerbeck

Sponsored by Drs. Lisa and Glenn George

"Geffers has assembled a multi-talented and tight-knit ensemble of performers who in addition to their acting roles sing the show’s haunting songs and execute Hassan Syed’s bracing choreography" -Kirsten Bowen, Broad Street Review

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