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Wine in the Wilderness

By Alice Childress
Directed by Damien J. Wallace

Childress's breathtaking story of empowerment came to life in this immersive production at the Bluver Theatre.

The 1964 race riots erupt outside painter Bill Jamerson's Harlem apartment as he struggles to complete the final painting of his triptych on Black Womanhood... then he is introduced to Tommy. A force of nature whose home has been burnt down in the riots, Tommy becomes Bill's inspiration. As artist and muse collide, they discover each other - and themselves - anew. Alice Childress's breathtaking story calls for self-respect and empowerment during a moment of seismic change for the Black community.

Featuring: Andre Brown, Ontaria Kim Wilson, Monroe Barrick, Cynda Purnell, and Brennen Malone.

Understudies: Dawn McCall and Nicola Jean.

Direction: Damien J. Wallace

Set Design: Marie Laster

Lighting Design: Tim Martin

Costume Design: Tiffany Bacon

Sound Design: Chris Sannino

Properties: Avista Custom Theatrical Services

Original Art: Dane Eissler

Stage Management: Liandra Marcano

COVID Compliance Officer: Melody Marshall

Production Management: Dane Eissler

Photos: Kylie Westerbeck

Sponsored by Stephanie Creary

"Director Damien J. Wallace strikes a compelling balance between the personal and political in the story that suits Childress’s text." -Cameron Kelsall, Broad Street Review

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