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By Samuel Beckett
Directed by Lane Savadove

Torturous fleas and an elderly couple living in trash cans set the stage for this famed post-apocalyptic tragicomedy.

Next up, Artistic director Lane Savadove tackled Beckett's famous post-apocalyptic tragicomedy "Endgame" with a "provocative" production set in a faded 1970s South Jersey hoarder's basement. "Endgame" follows the isolated lives of a desperately co-dependent master and servant and two elderly parents living in trash cans (in our case, a washer and dryer) as they hunker down in their tight quarters, shut out from the outside world.

Featuring: Ed Swidey, Doug Greene, J Center, and Ann Gundersheimer

Director: Lane Savadove
Set Design: Dan Soule
Lighting Design: Matt Sharp
Costume Design: Jessica Risser-Milne
Stage Manager: Danielle Kindt

"Savadove renders 'Endgame' relevant to contemporary Americans" -Broad Street Review

"Audiences have come to expect a complete and thoroughly conceptualized production from EgoPo, and this is what Endgame gives us." -Broad Street Review

"The actors translate Beckett's family of repugnant isolation and cruelty with complex but easily recognizable characterizations." -Broad Street Review

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