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Les Blancs

By Lorraine Hansberry

Directed by Fred Abrahamse & Damien Wallace

October 25 - November 5, 2023

In collaboration with Abrahamse and Meyer Productions of Cape Town, South Africa,

EgoPo presents the Philadelphia premier of Loraine Hansberry’s rarely produced masterwork. This immersive staging integrates Black American and Anti-apartheid South African perspectives, and features an international cast of 19 along with African food, drink, dance, and music. Set in revolutionary Africa, Les Blancs, asks if we can ever move beyond colonialism, and, if so, what new paradigm will exist on the other side.

“Somewhere, past performance, staging and written speech, resides that brilliant, anguished consciousness of Lorraine Hans berry, at work in the long nights of troubled times, struggling to make sense out of an insane situation, aware —way ahead of the rest of us—that there is no com promise with evil, there is only the fight for decency. ” - A Black Critic on ‘Les Blancs,' Clayton Riley, The New York Times

Watch EgoPo's Artistic Process

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By Valmiki

Co-Adapted and Co-Directed by Lane Savadove, 

January 11-22, 2023

EgoPo presents a theatrical reimagining of Valmiki’s ancient epic in collaboration with Papermoon Puppet Theater of Java, and Kalanari Theatre Movement of Bali. Focused on the meeting of two disparate cultures across a mighty ocean, this cross-disciplinary staging is the culmination of 28 years of development. Integrating puppetry, dance, theater and music, the performance features an international cast of 16 including renowned Javanese master dancer, Mugiyono Kasido. Inspired by Indonesian Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry) festivals, Ramayana will be performed in an outdoor tent in South Philadelphia’s FDR Park, surrounded by an open-air Indonesian market featuring food, drink, and crafts.


Pesta Nusantara: An Indonesian Gala

April 19-29, 2023

A one-of-a-kind experience, Pesta Nusantara will immerse patrons in the rich and sophisticated culture of Indonesia. The gala will feature a decadent Liwetan Feast catered by Pecel Ndeso, a live 15-person Gamelan performance by the Swarthmore Semara Santi Ensemble, and an Indonesian dance performance by Modero Dance. Influenced by cultures throughout the archipelago, the gala provide a taste of the cultural history of Indonesia, our world’s 4th largest country. A huge silent and live auction featuring Indonesian arts will benefit EgoPo’s Crossing Oceans Season. VIP tickets include all-inclusive alcoholic beverages and reserved seats.

Crossing Oceans


Artist Socials

The Arts and African Life - TBD October

Join us for a private African feast and meet the international artists behind Les Blancs in an intimate and relaxed setting. This event features music performances by Ghanaian performer Abena Takyi and theater by Capetown’s Marcel Meyer  Eat, drink and talk with all our collaborators with a focus on the future of post-colonial Africa.  This experience is exclusive to Gold members and above with only 20 spots total.


Indonesia Dispelled - TBD Late May/ Early June

Join us for a private Indonesian feast and meet the collaborators behind the Ramayana. Featuring puppetry performances by Papermoon Puppet Theater, and priceless Dance and Theater solos by our cast including Mugiyono, Retno, and Agus, and live music by our composer, Mo’ong. This experience is only available to Gold members and higher with only 20 spots total.

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