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"I’m aiming this report at those readers who have never appreciated The Seagull. If you’re among the sceptics, this new production will help change your mind" - The Cultural Critic

"Many delightful surprises in this smart and accessible production of a classic" Broad Street Review

"The dialogue and emotions of the cast move with the stage in a totally immersive experience...This gift to Philadelphia theater is highly recommended" PA Theater Guide

The Seagull

By Anton Chekhov, translation by Paul Schmidt

Directed by Lane Savadove


Mystical, beautiful, and heartbreaking, this theater classic is a moving portrait of the human yearning for connection. Arrive lakeside, drink in hand, a guest of our young writer/director as he attempts to invent a new form of theater for our private audience. EgoPo Artistic Director Lane Savadove transports you to a summer evening party in this Symbolist approach to Chekhov’siconic play.

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