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An Update During Social Distancing

May 4, 2020


To our Subscribers, Donors, and Patrons:


Here we are at the beginning our 8th week of social distancing with many uncertainties still lingering about the future production of Curse of the Starving Class and our upcoming season in 2020-21.  However, we felt an update might be important in light of recent state and city funding news that developed late last week. 


The impact of coronavirus on our annual budget has been quite devastating.  With the postponement of our final season production, we lost one-third of our projected ticket sales for the year, cancelled our annual season announcement celebration, and made adjustments for other anticipated deficits, both earned and unearned.  In total, our losses come to close to $22,000 in this year alone.  In our time at home, while balancing toddlers and technology, we have scoured every relief opportunity on the state and federal level.  To date, we anticipate $16,000 of grant awards to help us through this crisis. 

But we need more help.


As some of you may know, both Governor Tom Wolf and Mayor Jim Kenney revealed shocking news to the Philadelphia community last week:

To be clear, these announcements are shocking and amount to an almost $6 million loss to the city's vibrant cultural sector.  In a time when EgoPo and every arts organization are reeling from immediate needs, this adds a layer of significant uncertainty for the future.

All we can do is ask for all of you to do what you can RIGHT NOW.  

Right now, can you make a donation that will help us maintain our staff and virtual programming for the rest of this year and help us close the additional $6,000 funding gap?  DONATE HERE.

Right now, can you sign this petition to save the Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, adding your name to the list of Philadelphia arts enthusiasts who know that a strong economy means a strong cultural sector?  SIGN HERE.

Tomorrow, May 5th, is #GivingTuesdayNow.  It's a day when the world comes together and says, "Yes!  I support you!"  We hope you can support us in these final months before we have to close the books on this unprecedented season.  

Soon, we will have news to share about plans for 2020-21.  Until then, May the 4th be with you.

Lane Savadove, Artistic Director            

Katrina Foy, Managing Director

Dane Eissler, Associate Producer

Curse Postponement Statement - COVID -19

March 13, 2020

In the past 24 hours, EgoPo and the rest of the Philadelphia arts community have been making difficult decisions.  As disappointed as we all are to see the work of so many talented artists, designers, and actors close or delay, the health of the community is of primary importance.

To that end, we have made the decision to temporarily postpone all scheduled performances of Curse of the Starving Class

Behind the scenes, we are working to identify new dates for the run in the midst of ever-evolving information during the coronavirus crisis.  We will announce our plan once we have more information to share.

When we do, all current tickets (including subscribers) will be honored for the new event dates.  

We know that each of you is needing to deal with the implications of this virus in your own way and we are sending each you of our unending compassion as you all deal with family, financial, and personal impacts. We hope that when the curtain comes back up, we can welcome you back into our theater for a brief moment to experience the world of Shepard and a reprieve from the past few weeks.

Until then, please be in touch with any questions.  Be safe and healthy.  

Lane Savadove, Artistic Director            

Katrina Foy, Managing Director

Dane Eissler, Associate Producer

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