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Based on the play by
Maurice Maeterlinck
Directed by Lane Savadove

An astounding large scale mythological journey for both young and experienced theatergoers alike.

In collaboration with Drexel's Mandell Professionals in Residence Project, Artistic Director Lane Savadove staged Maurice Maeterlinck's "Bluebird." Rarely produced in the United States, this pinnacle of the Symbolist Movement follows a young boy, his family lost to sickness, on a spiritual and mystical journey to find the meaning of life. This production also featured the incredible musical compositions of George Crumb, played live by Orchestra 2001.

Featuring: Nick Allin, Andrew Gorell, Katie Gould, Doug Greene, Megan Hoke, Sean Lally, Kelsey Malone, Rob Neddoff, Sarah Rachel Schol, Anna Sweeny, David Sweeny, Allyson Doolittle, and Jordan Doolittle.

Ensemble: Carly Bodner, Chris Deter, Laurel Hostak, Arcadia Jenkins, Emily Kleimo, Neal Magnotta, Joe Matthew, Kevin Matthews, (Maria) Anhthi Nguyen, Rachel Semigran, Lee Singletary, Jeremy Toll, Steve Pribis.

Director: Lane Savadove
Co-produced by: Nick Anselmo
Live Music: Orchestra 2001
Music Composer: George Crumb
Music Director: Jim Freeman
Set Design: Dan Soule
Lighting Design: Matt Sharp
Costume Design: Jamie Grace-Duff
Property Design: Amanda Hatch
Video Design: Tim Urian
Technical Director: Mark H. Andrews
Stage Managers: Danielle Kindt & Katie Ringwood
Assistant Director: Natasha Metzger

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