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By Georg Büchner
Translated by Nicholas Rudall
Directed by Brenna Geffers

A vivid and chilling take on a bold nineteenth century expressionist masterpiece.

In 2008, EgoPo launched their Season of Expressionism with a vivid and chilling take on the boldly expressionistic early nineteenth century masterpiece, "Woyzeck" by Georg Buchner. A young soldier endures a violent world of madness and rage, ultimately committing the unthinkable. Director Brenna Geffers staged this carnivalesque nightmare in the stunning, old-world library of the German Society.

Featuring: David Blatt, Doug Greene, Andrew Gorell, Alex Gould, Dan Hodge, Megan Hoke, Rob Neddoff, Sarah Rachel Schol, and David Sweeny.

Director: Brenna Geffers
Fight Choreography: John V. Bellomo
Set Design: Dan Soule
Lighting Design: John Musarra
Costume Design: Brian Strachan
Sound Design: Matt Sharp

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