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 "It's a fascinating way to view the life of a great showman; looking out into the expanse of the theatre, we see the world the way he saw it” - Talkin Broadway


"Reality and fiction collide and only the audience can tell fact from fiction”- Suburban News


"Robert DaPonte has the bottled energy (and that dark gaze) for a formidable incarnation of Houdini" - Huffington Post


Listen To A Podcast About The Creation Of The Show

THE LIFE (and death) OF


Created and Directed by Brenna Geffers


This World Premiere played to sold-out houses during the 2012 PIFA Festival. In a unique twist, the audience joins Houdini on stage to face the empty theater seats. A mysterious magician’s assistant and her two fellow apparitions lead Houdini into the afterlife, as his life flashes before his eyes like the old circuit vaudeville shows he used to play. Fighting to make good on his promise to his wife, Houdini tries to escape the boundaries of death, proving once and for all the presence of an afterlife. But not even the world’s greatest escape artist can escape death. 

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