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Created by Brenna Geffers
Designed by Natalia de la Torre

Letters, custom art, and personal objects were all mailed to audiences, asking to undo the erasure of Emily's legacy.

Emily Dickinson is infamous for her solitary lifestyle. The story of how she timidly hid away her poetry was fashioned by editors that did not want to acknowledge the radical thinker she truly was. In this limited edition at-home event, Emily reached out to audiences personally through the mail over the course of five weeks. Every few days, audiences received a new correspondence from Emily, inviting them into her life. Letters, custom art, highly personal objects, all come directly to the audiences' doors, asking them to undo the erasure of her legacy.

Creator: Brenna Geffers
Designer: Natalia de la Torre
Assembly Crew: Dane Eissler, Aidan McDonald, Salma Elwy, Mike Grubb, Katrina Foy, and Melody Marshall
Production Manager: Dane Eissler

Sponsored by Edward and Susan Hoffman

"What feels evident from the start is a sense of drawing in the audience, just as an engrossing theatrical production would. Geffers, a director and deviser, and de la Torre, a costume designer, have an eye for aesthetics" -Broad Street Review

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