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By Adam Rapp
Directed by Lane Savadove

A drive-in theater production, the audience and their cars became essential players in this theatrical nightmare.

"Fifteen years ago, I killed my sister." Thus begins this haunting story of pain and isolation. Audience members were given directions to a remote, abandoned parking lot in Philadelphia. Arriving by sundown, audience members' vehicles illuminated the empty landscape. A man appeared out of the darkness, blinded by the headlights. Through their car radios, audiences listened the story of the man's journey to redemption.

Featuring: Walter DeShields, Emilia Weiss, Damien J. Wallace, Kirsten Quinn, Tasha Holmes, Kayla Bowe, Skyler Easterbrook, and Kylie Westerbeck.

Direction: Lane Savadove
Scenic Design: Dirk Durossette
Lighting Design: Andrew Cowles
Costume Design: Natalia de la Torre
Sound Design & Tech: Chris Sannino
Props Design: Dane Eissler
Stage Management: Jordan Chester
Production Management: Dane Eissler
Associate Direction: Damien J. Wallace
Associate Sound Design & Tech: Eddie Smith
Assistant Costume Design: Dane Eissler
Assistant Stage Management: Lydia Riddell and Matt Ortiz
Site Management: Gabrielle Hansson

Sponsored by Drs. Lisa & Glenn George

"Director Lane Savadove supplies a number of visually arresting moments. Although I find audience participation loathsome, the use of our vehicles’ headlights as ambient illumination – particularly for a play that deals with the aftermath of a devastating automobile accident – is a brilliant touch." -Reclining Standards

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