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By Samuel Beckett
Directed by Damien J. Wallace & Lane Savadove

Beckett's famed avant-garde classic received an intensely intimate experience for one audience member at a time.

Alone, an audience member arrived at a street corner and was guided to a single chair facing a window shrouded by venetian blinds. The audience member sat and donned headphones. The blinds were raised, revealing a woman inside, alone, swaying in her rocker. Her thoughts, in the form of Beckett's text, entered directly into their ears, allowing their mind and hers to merge. Solo audience members witnessed this haunting and hypnotic seven-minute journey of birth, death, and isolation.

Featuring: Melanie Julian, Cathy Simpson, and Karen Vicks

Direction: Damien J. Wallace & Lane Savadove
Audio Design & Tech: Chris Sannino
Production Design: Dane Eissler
Stage Management: Jamel Baker & Elizabeth Meisenzahl
Site Management: Matt Ortiz and Glynnis Nadel
Backup Stage Management: Abby Weissman
Backup Site Management: Jordan Chester

Sponsored by the Judith Charles Memorial Fund

"My heart thumps because it seems like the actor is looking at me, through me, not just into my eyes but into my soul [...] It is the perfect play for the pandemic age." -Broad Street Review

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