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 "A fascinating examination not just of James' life but of the way his legend grew, presented as a vaudeville pastiche but without any creakiness" - Talkin' Broadway 


"An attempt to break out of sexual stereotypes by showing women as adventurers, unconcerned about their bodies" - Broad Street Review


"James' posse emerges from behind a curtain with a swagger; their faces dirtied, and chins jutted forward, they rest their hands on pistols like a pack of dogs bearing fangs"- Philadelphia Inquirer


"The unique, imaginative entertainment we’ve come to expect from the smart, talented team at EgoPo" - Stage Magazine




Created and Directed by Brenna Geffers


A posse of women takes on America’s most infamous outlaw in a deadly roadshow. There is an unnamed, unmarked, underground saloon where, between the dime shows and the strong drinks, the legend of Jesse James will be stripped down for your enjoyment. Jesse James was originally staged in an installation set that brought audiences into a dime museum saloon. With sawdust on the floor, and hundreds of pieces of taxidermy, frontier cloths, guns, and other western memorabilia, audiences were free to bring in their drinks from a full bar and explore the space before the show began. 

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