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A Dybbuk

Adapted by Tony Kushner
Translated from S. Ansky by Joachim Neugroschel
Directed by Lane Savadove

EgoPo closed out its season with Kushner's poetic, earthy adaptation of arguably the most famous Jewish play ever written.

This story of love, ghosts, and faith is set in a 19th century Polish village where a wedding celebration is interrupted by a supernatural presence. EgoPo's magical staging of this Pulitzer and Academy-winner's powerful words truly made "A Dybbuk" a must-see production.

Featuring: David Blatt, Julian Cloud, Peter Andrew Danzig, Robert Daponte , Rachel Kitson, Brian McCann, Harrison Lampert, Ed Swidey, Josh Totora, and Leah Walton.

Director: Lane Savadove
Set Design: Matheus Fialho Fiuza
Lighting & Sound Design: Matt Sharp
Costume Design: Katherine Fritz
Vocal Coach: Melanie Julian
Stage Manager: Marc Piscitello
Production Manager: Matthew Miller
Assistant Director: Alexander McCarty
Assistant Stage Manager: Joe Wozniak

"As this EgoPo production unfolded, it was clear that Lane Savadove has done a superior job of recapturing the ecstasy and, yes, even sexuality, in the tale." -Broad Street Review

"Lane Savadove directed the action with an understanding of the traditions involved. Savadove choreographed the scene changes on the small stage fluidly." -Stage Magazine

"Matt Sharp’s lighting and sound and Katherine Fritz’s costumes struck exactly the right note for this production." -Stage Magazine

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