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Special Season Events

A series of Jewish-themed events hosted by EgoPo.

EgoPo hosted a multitude of special events for this season, including a séance, a Seder, and a trial.

December 5, 2011
"The Investigation" by Peter Weiss
Twenty actors brought to life the Auschwitz Trials in a powerful staged reading hosted by Philadelphia's National Museum of American Jewish History. Performed on the 46th anniversary of the trials.

January 7, 2012
An Evening on the Other Side
This intimate fundraising party at the home of Madame Blavatsky and the historic Theosophical Society featured Eastern cuisine, mystical musings, and a sneak peek into the creation of "The Golem."

April 6 & 7, 2011
EgoPo Seders
On the first and second nights of Passover, EgoPo invited both Jewish and non-Jewish friends to celebrate together before performances of "The Golem."

"EgoPo takes a chance, jumps into the abyss..." -The Performance Journal of the International Brecht Society

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