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The Lady from the Sea

By Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Brenna Geffers


Brenna Geffers transformed Christ Church into a dreamlike space where memory and fantasy manifested themselves before our eyes. The daughter of a lighthouse keeper is happily married. But when her longing for the seas returns in the form of a past lover, her happy family gets caught up in the tides of change.

The only Ibsen play with a clearly happy ending, Lady examines the institution of marriage and the possibility for self-realization within it; determining that in a condition of absolute honesty and respect for each other's free well, a truly happy marriage is possible. Most importantly, Lady states that sharing our lives with others is an ultimately positive act, a much needed message in our fragmented modern world.



"Lady is generally thought to be a heavy drama, but at EgoPo, director Geffers lifts the lid off." - Philadelphia City Paper

"...EgoPo's The Lady from the Sea is an effective and absorbing take on a neglected lesser classic."
- Talkin' Broadway


"Director Brenna Geffers has a firm grasp of Ibsen’s mental gymnastics and wisely gives them room to breathe in this raw, bare production." - Phindie




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