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Lydie Breeze, Part III: Madaket Road

By John Guare
Directed by Lane Savadove
Music by Jay Ansill & Cynthia Hopkins

A suffering Joshua must confront the ghosts of his past as he struggles to pass on Lydie's legacy to their daughters.

The dawning of the 20th century. Nantucket island is slowly sinking into the sea. The legacy of Aipotu lingers on. Surrounded by the ghosts of their past, the next generation grapples with the crumbling foundation of their family. When a strange visitor in black arrives on their shores, the past and present blur, and the sky, sea, and land melt into one. On the beach at night alone, a father gifts his daughter her mother’s journal. Histories are revealed, family is discovered, ghosts dissolve into memories, and the light of utopia flickers again. In this haunting conclusion to the Lydie Breeze Trilogy, John Guare takes his daring theatrical form to uncharted territories.

Featuring: Charlie DelMarcelle, Kylie Westerbeck, Hannah Gold, Kristie Ecke, Dane Eissler, Grant Struble, Shamus Hunter McCarty, Melanie Julian, David Girard, Ed Swidey, Victoria Goins, Jahzeer Terrell, Hannah Van Sciver, and Philip Anthony Wilson.

Direction: Lane Savadove
Music Direction & Composition: Jay Ansill
Additional Composition: Cynthia Hopkins
Scenic Design: Marketa Fantova
Costume Design: Marie Anne Chiment
Lighting Design: Mike Inwood
Stage Management: Jamel Baker
Props: Katie Kiessling & Kelsey Romeo
Dramaturgy: Anne Cattaneo
Production Management: Eric Baker & Katie Kiessling
Associate Direction: Dane Eissler
Assistant Direction: Katie Kiessling
Technical Coordination: Philadelphia Scenic Works
Technical Consultant: Andrew Laine
Costuming: Jamie Grace-Duff
Associate Lighting Design: Amanda Clegg Lyon
Assistant Production Management: Kelsey Romeo
Assistant Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer
Assistant Costume Design: Kierceton Keller
Production Photos: Dave Garrett Sarrafian

“The cast is, as in the first two plays, excellent and the direction by EgoPo’s leader, Lane Savadove, is the best kind: It lets the story unfold naturally on this beach, even when the supernatural comes into play. Savadove’s realization of these plays is, like the trilogy itself, an achievement.” -WHYY

“However you see Lydie, I think you’ll be swept up. This has been a monumental undertaking by Guare, Savadove, and company, effectively rethinking and restoring to the canon a major work that was unfairly dismissed nearly 40 years ago. Hat’s off to EgoPo… and I’m ready to set sail with them on their next voyage, whatever it may be.” -Philly Mag

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