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Based on "Anna Karenina" by Tolstoy
Created by Brenna Geffers and the Ensemble
Directed by Brenna Geffers

Literature's greatest heroine comes to new life in this world premiere adaptation.

This sweeping Russian epic is transformed into a make-shift travelling show by a wandering theater troupe. Armed with suitcases of junk, some broken instruments, and a trainset, a makeshift family evokes the richness and inequality of late 19th-century Imperial Russia.

Featuring: Carlo Campbell, Andrew Carroll, Colleen Corcoran, Arlen Hancock, Maria Konstantinidis, Shamus Hunter McCarty, Lee Minora, and Amanda Schoonover.

Director: Brenna Geffers
Scenic Design: Aaron Cromie
Costume Design: Natalia de la Torre
Lighting Design: J. Dominic Chacon
Props Design: Joe Wozniak
Sound Design & Music: Brenna Geffers
Ballroom Choreography: Kristen K.O. O'Rourke
Stage Management: Jamel Baker
Technical Direction: Amanda Coffin
Assistant Director/Assistant Scenic Design: Joe Wozniak
Assistant Stage Manager: Nick Ware

"Wander on" lyrics by Brenna Geffers, music by Maria Konstantinidis

Development Artists: Chris Anthony, Kayla Anthony, Anthony Crosby, Robert DaPonte, Brendan Norton, Katherine Perry, Hannah Van Sciver, and David Strattan White

Sponsored by Cozen O'Connor

“They do, splendidly, with just eight actors (who also collaborated on the adaptation); Aaron Cromie's inventively simple set of rugs, tents, and trees; J. Dominic Chacon's romantic, shadowy lighting; and Natalia de la Torre's beautiful bohemian costumes, which place the characters somewhere between 1870s Russia and 1960s San Francisco while vividly expressing every character's personality.” -Broad Street review

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