BROAD STREET REVIEW: An Artist's Perspective, Wine in the Wilderness

"The Bluver Theatre at the Drake transforms into the Harlem art studio of Bill Jamerson (Andre G. Brown), with striking sketches and vibrant tapestries lining the walls of the auditorium. (Marie Lester designed the immersive, well-detailed set.) Amid the echoes of civil unrest heard from his window, which sound designer Chris Sannino renders with exactitude, Bill struggles to finish the triptych of paintings that gives the play its title.

Although the play is rounded out by several tertiary characters—well played by Monroe Barrick, Cynda Purnell, and Brennan S. Malone—the drama is at its most engaging and effective with Bill and Tommy at its center. Wallace has recruited a fine pair of actors for these roles...Wilson is simply riveting.

She arrives playing Tommy’s artifice, which is represented somewhat by the oddly mismatched and tacky clothes she wears in early scenes. (Tiffany Bacon did the costumes.) The outsized aura she projects here makes her ultimate transformation into a confident woman in the later scenes feel like a truly defined journey. Wilson shows the audience how Tommy’s behavior, her convictions, and her unwillingness to speak anything less than the truth shapes the perspectives of every other character in the play." - Cameron Kelsall, Broad Street Review

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