BROAD STREET REVIEW: EgoPo Classic Theater presents Samuel Beckett’s 'Rockaby'

“It is startling, almost 12 months to the day since our lives all changes, to see the lower half of a stranger’s face. To see it up close, in the real world, maybe two feet in front of your own. But here I am, alone on a South Philly back patio I accessed via an alley that I never even knew was there, and EgoPo Classic Theater’s production of Rockaby has begun and I am face-to- face with actor Melaine Julian. We are separated by a pane of glass, but face to face all the same. Already I am rattled.

Having taken Rockaby from the stage where the window at which the woman is seated is imaginary, to the back room of a Philadelphia rowhome, makes it at once more real and more absurd. She does not stop rocking, not for a moment, and I know that in the original production it was supposed to seem as though the chair was rocking all on its own.

It is neither hot nor cold outside, but I realize I have goosebumps. I am trying to process Beckett’s words and also my own feelings and I realize that this is a play about mortality when we have all been confronted with our own on a daily basis. It is a play that repeats the words ‘time she stopped,’ when, in a lot of ways it has.

It is the perfect play for the pandemic age.”


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