BROADSTREET REVIEW: "A Letter from Miss Dickinson"

"The first letter opens with an outpouring of affection, tinged with sorrow: 'I long to see you, dear, and speak with you face to face, but so long as bodily interview is denied us, we must make letters answer.' It might surprise you to see those words attributed to the famously reclusive Emily Dickinson. But Emily, the theater-through-mail event crafted by Philadelphia artists Brenna Geffers and Natalia de la Torre, seeks to upend any preconceived notions about poetry’s most celebrated homebody......What feels evident from the start is a sense of drawing in the audience, just as an engrossing theatrical production would. Geffers, a director and deviser, and de la Torre, a costume designer, have an eye for aesthetics: The papers chosen for these letters seem distressed and aged, even though they’ve been freshly printed. The font chosen (even if it is computer generated) has the same peculiar slant of Dickinson’s own hand." - Cameron Kelsall, Broadstreet Review


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