BROADWAY WORLD: EgoPo Classic Theater Announces 2021-2022 Season

"EgoPo announces their 2021-22 Season "Awakenings...and Transformations". Following their season of "Isolations", EgoPo continues their process of producing works that directly respond to our current moment, each show progressively emerging from theater's state of forced hibernation into a new theatrical landscape. The season asks, "Are we ready to embrace the change that lies ahead?"

In describing the trajectory of this season, Artistic Director Lane Savadove says: "Last year, as a global society, we went underground. We hibernated. Now in various stages of reemerging, it is critical that we recognize and nurture the changes that occurred during this hibernation. The natural progression from Isolations to Awakenings is part of nature. These moments of cyclical transition are opportunities to transform and evolve as individuals and communities. This pattern shows up throughout mythology, and the ones who can embrace the change become heroes." -by Stephi Wild


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