BROADWAY WORLD PENNSYLVANIA: EgoPo Presents Adam Rapp’s Nocturne As an Immersive Drive-in Experience

"EgoPo announces the finale of its 2020-2021 ISOLATIONS season, and interactive drive-in production of Adam Rapp’s Nocturne. The production is directed by Artistic Director, Lane Savadove, and will star Theatre in the X’s Walter DeShields, seen last season in EgoPo's Buried Child.

Nocturne is the conclusion of EgoPo’s season of radically intimate and socially distanced theatrical events that reinvent the way live theater is experienced.

‘As we planned this season, we looked to create four very different innovative ways to experience live theater safely. Each would re-envision the

very nature of theater. Over the course of the season we wanted to slowly add more and more live interaction to mirror our process of living through this pandemic.'

EgoPo’s staging in an abandoned nighttime parking lot highlights the weapon of destruction that sits at the core of the play: a car. In this immersive environment surrounded by the sounds of Amtrak train tracks, the audience sitting in their cars become not only observers, listening on their FM car radios, but active protagonists in our story as they shine their headlights directly onto the action of the play.

‘Our lives are magical, glorious...and are gone in a blink of an eye. Right now I want to make theater that acknowledges this. I want us all to be more present,’ adds Savadove.”


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