Broadway World Press Release: Curse of the Starving Class Comes to EgoPo in June

“Closed by the impending Covid-19 Pandemic just days before opening in 2020, EgoPo’s long-awaited production of Sam Shepard’s Curse of the Starving class awakens as the grand finale of their latest season."

“Curse of the Starving Class follows the Tate Family, who are on the brink of emotional and financial ruin as each family member plans a desperate escape. Ella plots with a smarmy real estate agent, while husband Weston holes up at the local bar, and 13-year old Emma dreams of a life of crime. Meanwhile, son Wesley tries desperately to hold the house together, and the family’s lamb takes the brunt of it all.”

“Originally part of [EgoPo’s] 2019-2022 season of plays devoted to the works of the late, great Sam Shepard, Curse is now the capstone to EgoPo’s Season of Awakenings & Transformations…” ‘Our production is a visceral and expressionist journey into the experience of a family in tumult,’ says Savadove”

“This season we examine the awakening process: how do we come out of our isolations and return to the world, as a society, as individuals, and as a global community? ”

“Curse of the Starving Class … begins previews June 15th and 16th and opens Friday, June 17th. The show runs two weeks, closing on Sunday, June 26th. Tickets start at $32. Performances are at the URBN Center Annex Black Box Theater at Drexel University on 34th and Filbert St in Philadelphia.”


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