METRO PHILLY: One-Woman Show brings Theater back in Safe, Unique Way

“How do you make live theater happen in the middle of a pandemic? With a little bit of creativity. EgoPo- Philly’s own nonprofit theater company committed to revitalizing the great classics of theater and literature- has announced the cast for their live solo-audience, walk-up window production of Samuel Beckett’s 10-minute classic, Rockaby.

Once one of the local actors is chosen, then a neighborhood is chosen, and after both are set, viewers will then get directed to a street corner in their chosen neighborhood. There, they are led down a block or alleyway to a chair that awaits them in front of a nondescript window.

‘This piece is deeply personal for me. I first fell in love with theater when my father (insanely) took me to see Rockaby

as a young teenager. Then when Covid shit down our theaters, and our front doors, this piece immediately came to mind as an essential theatrical experience,’ says Savadove in a statement.

On Wallace, Savadove shares, ‘At the end of my own mother’s life, she retreated inside her home, and my final months with her were through a window. Beckett’s piece is not dramatice hyperbole, it is the desperate and intense reality for many, perhaps for all, as we reach the end of our days. I’ve always seen this piece as ferocious and touching and vulnerable. And, in my mind, there is no better director/actor for grounding heightened text than Damien Wallace’ says Savadove.


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