Our 2020-2021 Season Announcement


I am thrilled to finally announce our 2020-2021 Festival Season of Isolations. In this unprecedented moment in history, we want to provide theater events that are both necessitated by this moment and also reflect our experience of living in it. We see social distancing as an opportunity to create new works, new forms, and new definitions for live theater. Each piece of this special season re-examines the interaction between audiences and performance, creating intensely intimate and radically socially-distanced theatrical events.

In Fall/Winter of 2020, the pieces are experienced from the safety of your own home, one coming to you by mail and the other through your computer screen. In Winter/Spring of 2021, if community safety allows, you will venture out in highly-distanced fashion: experiencing a show alone while peering through a residential window, and then from the safety of your vehicle in a drive-in event in which your car is part of the show.

Our “Isolations” theme for this season allows us to delve into this moment emotionally, psychologically, even physically. These pieces all feature individuals who are living in intensive self-imposed isolation. They seek profound change and then reach directly out to you from their seclusion to communicate and re-connect. We hope that this season provides you too with an experience of connection.

This season, we also welcome as Artist-in-Residence a dynamic and powerful theater artist you all know well. Damien J. Wallace starred in both Buried Child and Master Harold. He is a prolific actor, specializing in the works of August Wilson. Damien is also a veteran director and writer. This season, he will be featured in three of our works, creating Underground, acting in Nocturne, and making his EgoPo directorial debut with Rockaby.

This season of isolation will hopefully lead to a time of re-birth, a time when we can all safely return to sitting communally in theaters. Should we reach that point in 2021, we will be looking to remount our production of Curse of the Starving Class which is currently stored away and awaiting an opportunity to re-emerge.

I look forward to connecting with you throughout the season. Until then, stay safe, distanced, masked and hopeful!

Lane Savadove

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