PHILLY INQUIRER: EgoPo's Isolations Partner, Lawrence Theatre Live at the MET

"When playwright Derrell Lawrence was 14 years old growing up in South Philadelphia, his sister died of murder in a murder-suicide. It rocked his world, inflicting emotional and spiritual wounds that are taking a lifetime to heal. He took to the streets. “I was hustling,” he said. “I didn’t know what to do.”

He couldn’t turn to friends or family — that kind of vulnerability could be dangerous, and his ego was too big. So, one day, in despair, he picked up a pen and wrote out his feelings in a torrent of words. Long story short, those feelings turned into a play, Life Isn’t Fair, on stage Sunday, Nov. 21 at the Met Philadelphia.

Photo: The Cast of "Life Isn't Fair"

Damien J. Wallace, who has performed almost everywhere in Philly, directs an all-star lineup: Clifton Powell from Ray, Menace II Society, and Dead Presidents; Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from The Wire; American Idol finalist Paris Bennett, and gospel Grammy nominee Jekalyn Carr. Lawrence joins the cast on stage, playing the main character as an adult. Lawrence roughly based the play on parts of his own life. (After the main character’s sister and mother die in a car accident, the character, then 14, turns to the street.) In the show, the main character winds up in prison and is later released to adjust to a changed world and changed expectations." - Jane M. Von Bergen, For The Inquirer


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