RECLINING STANDARDS: EgoPo's Nocturne Brings Theater to the Parking Lot

“After experimenting with single-audience performances earlier this year in their production of Samuel Beckett’s Rockaby, where spectators watched an actor through the window of a residential home, EgoPo Classic Theater brings us as close to a communal experience as we can reasonably expect.

The company has staged Adam Rapp’s Nocturne, an elliptical meditation on grief and guilt from 2000, for two-dozen or so cars per performance, adapting the creative flourishes they’re known for to the strange landscape of socially distanced theater.

After more than a year of staring at flat figures on static screens, seeing the three-dimensional figure of the Narrator (Walter DeShields) insinuate himself onto the makeshift playing area caused my heart to leap. An actor! Live in living color! That alone would be enough to make the effort worthwhile, but director Lane Savadove supplies a number of visually arresting moments. Although I find audience participation loathsome, the use of our vehicles’ headlights as ambient illumination – particularly for a play that deals with the aftermath of a devastating automobile accident – is a brilliant touch.”

Copyright: EgoPo Classic Theater Kevin Monko


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