Talkin' Broadway Review: Life is a Dream

"Director Brenna Geffers' Life Is a Dream, currently making its world premier at EgoPo Classic Theater, is an immensely ambitious project. Geffers and Felipe Vergara's adaptation of Pedro Calderón de la Barca's Spanish Golden Age masterpiece highlights the parallels between Barca's seminal play, the recent sociopolitical unrest in the United States, and the protests happening in Colombia, while simultaneously invoking the format and themes of classic Greek drama. Classic elements are richly layered with post-modern techniques and aesthetics for a surreal, thought-provoking experience. It could easily become muddled, but Geffers and her team achieve a powerful unified work from this unexpected mosaic of influences. Riveting to watch and impossible to stop thinking about, Life Is a Dream is a unique, provocative, and exciting achievement.

A truly multidisciplinary production, the choreography, sets, costumes, lights, and sound work together to create the avant-garde aesthetic of Life Is a Dream.It takes a leap of faith to get past the initial disorientation, but it is a transcendent journey for those who want to jump in.”

- Rebecca Rendell, Talkin' Broadway


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