THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: You can Watch a Famous Beckett Play Through a House Window

“‘We’re so close, yet we’re so disconnected,’ said Savadove, founding artistic director of Philadelphia’s EgoPo Classic Theater and co-director of its next production,

‘I can probably see 60 different houses,’ Savadove said, talking about both his view and his inspiration, ‘and inside each one of them is another human being, or set of humans, socially isolating, living the entire drama of their lives, within their houses, alone.’

In the EgoPo production, a single actor rocks in her chair behind a window. An audience of one, masked, sits outside. Inside, the blinds roll up and the play begins. Audience and actor sit just a few feet apart, separated by glass, her musings transmitted via a set of disposable headphones.

Copyright: EgoPo Classic Theater 2021

‘The challenge is to be able to tell the story and really give it the same excitement as you did the prior performance and the one after that,’ said Karen Vicks. ‘More than anything, it’s a love of what you do as an actor and whether you are willing to take a challenge and make it something that is really profound.’

‘We are all living in isolation,’ Damien Walllace said, ‘the play highlights it. It’s someone dealing with their past and seeing how life has passed her by.’”


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