THE PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE: Actor Challenges Himself with Drive-in Play

“Today Walter DeShields is a film and theater actor and co-founder and co-artistic director of Theatre in the X. Currently he’s starring as the narrator in EgoPo’s production of Adam Rapp’s Nocturne running now through May 9.

‘This is a play about a young man who kills his sister with his car by accident,’ DeShields explains, ‘and how he deals with that accident for the next 15 years of his life,'

‘In a typical play being done in a theater you have all the sound stuff you need, all the lighting and so on,’ DeShields continues. ‘But with this production being done in a parking lot, none of that is available to us, so we had to bring everything with us.’

As a director, teacher and actor, DeShields sees all aspects of his life as having an intersection. He explains, ‘It’s all about getting other people to have a conversation about what’s happening around them, what’s happening away from them and what they are experiencing.’


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