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By Matsemela Manaka
Directed by Katrina Shobe
Co-produced by Theatre in the X

Presented in rotating repertory with "'Master Harold'", this play explores systemic incarceration during South Africa's apartheid.

"Egoli" is a look into the world of miners in South Africa, depicting lives that are often overlooked, as they struggle with racial inequality, poverty, and systemic incarceration. Manaka was a pivotal player in the grassroots black theatre movement that grew out of the 1976 Soweto uprisings protesting the government's political repression and extreme state censorship.

Featuring: Carlo Campbell and Walter DeShields

Direction: Katrina Shobe
Scenic Designer: Dirk Durossette
Costume Designer: Tiffany Bacon
Lighting Designer: Amanda Jensen
Sound Designer: AJ Klein
Props Designer: Michelle Soto
Stage Management: Eleanor Safer
Dramaturg: Kirstie Floyd
Technical Leadership: Josh Bruton, Flannel and Hammer, Stephen Peterson, and Chris Bratek
Dialect Coach: Michael Dean Morgan
Fight Choreographer: Jahzeer Terrell
Dance Consultant: Anthony Mauriello
Master Electrician/Scenic Charge: Anastassia Vertjanova
Casting Direction: Shamus Hunter McCarty
Production Assistant: Matthew Basen
Set Crew: Steven Carpenter, Micah Greenleaf, Nicholas Rahn, Davey Strattan White, and Owen Timoney
Assistant Scenic Charge: Liandra Marcano
Electrics Crew: Steve Carpenter, Gray Rogers, and Dalton Whiting
Additional Set/Paint Crew: Rushaad Dashtur, Brian Grace-Duff, Tiara Jones, Gina Leigh, Gray Rogers, Ryan Tygh, and Craig Wolfgang
Set Change Crew: Matthew Basen, Erin Carney, Micah Greenleaf, AJ Klein, Davey Strattan White, and Kevin White

Co-produced with Theatre in the X

"EgoPo’s festival-style season planning has often introduced Philadelphia audiences to little-known writers whose importance to theater history may have been neglected. Manaka joins those ranks, and this fine production of Egoli does him great justice." -Broad Street Review

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