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Three Sisters Two

By Reza de Wet
Directed by Brenna Geffers

Originally written in Afrikaans, "Drie Susters Twee" won Best Production at the 1999 South African Theater Awards.

Imagine Chekhov's characters 20 years later with the Bolsheviks now in power. After the fall of apartheid, the privileged white class of South Africa had to redefine their position in society. Originally written in Afrikaans, the language of Dutch colonial South Africa, De Wet uses post-revolutionary Russia as a stand-in for her own country to ask how colonial powers respond when they stand on the threshold of a new era.

Featuring: Jahzeer Terrell, Andrew J. Carroll, Lee Minora, Amanda Schoonover, Maria Konstantinidis, Kishia Nixon, Colleen Corcoran, and Ross Beschler

Understudies: Emma Johnson, Mackenzie Maula, and James Saracina

Direction: Brenna Geffers
Scenic & Lighting Design: Thom Weaver
Costume Design: Natalia de la Torre
Sound Design: Chris Sannino
Props Master: Em Arrick
Dramaturgy: Kirstie Floyd
Stage Management: Jamel Baker
Technical Direction: Stephen Peterson
Master Electrics: Aram Mouradian
Casting Direction: Shamus Hunter McCarty
Assistant Stage Manager: Marissa Brewer
Draper: Kelly Myers
Set Crew: John Angeloni, Kevin Bergen, Steve Carpenter, Micah Greenleaf, David Pica, Nicholas Rahn, Nick Ware, and Davey Strattan White

"A marvelously high-style production by director Brenna Geffers" -Reclining Standards

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