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Your Contributions Help Us Be Bold.


At EgoPo Classic Theater, we are committed to creating dynamic, inventive theater that revitalizes classic text and literature into immersive experiences for our guests.  Each year, we aspire to be bigger and bolder, and your support is what helps us to reach new heights. 


Becoming a Donor

Please consider making a contribution to EgoPo and let us know that you love what we do.  Donorship comes with added benefits including recognition, invitations to exclusive events throughout the year, plus much more.  If you have questions about your donor level, please contact Managing Director, Katrina Foy at 267-273-1414.


​​To Donate Online,  simply click HERE.  


To Donate Over The Phone, call EgoPo's offices: 267-273-1414


To Donate With A Check, send to EgoPo Classic Theater, 317 Dickinson Street, Unit D, Philadelphia, PA 19147


Be sure to check with your employer when making a donation to see if they participate in a Gift-Matching Program.


EgoPo can now accept the gift of Stock Donations.  To inquire, please contact Managing Director by emailing


Thank you for making such a positive impact on EgoPo and the local arts community!

Individual Donors

Donors below reflect pledges, contributions, and membership donations from 2/1/2021 through 6/8/2022. 

If you believe there is a mistake or omission, please contact


Harry Bambrick

Miles Barel

Stephen Barr

Irene Berkowitz

Doug Smullens and Deborah Block

Barbara Blonsky

Carole Jean Boehner

Andrea Bowman

Talmage Brennan

Jean Brody

Etsy Brownstein

In Honor of Jean Haskell

Regan Buker

Ariana and Benjamin Burrows

Serena Callahan

Christine Mary Cayer

Janet Cherry 

Jennifer Coburn

Rosina Coltellaro

Jeffrey Dekro

Luciano Duffy

John and Lois Durso

Jennifer Edwards

Erica Eisenberg & Andrew Soloway

Sara Eisenberg

Helen Evelev

Susan Feagin

William F. Fox

Katrina Foy and Jeff Fraska

William and Connie Georgov

Marilyn Gilpin

Terea Gimenez

Cindi and Thomas Gilmore

Isabel Gilmore

Kevin Glaccum

Deborah E. Glass

Joan Dorothy Gmitter

William Goldberg

Robin Goldfedder

Carrie and Chad Gorn

John Gresh 

Joan Hecht

Tess Hemphill

Lydia Henry

Susan Herron

Elaine Hyman

Patti Johnson

Carol Jones

Thomas Lee

Ruthie Levikoff

Rochelle D. Lewis

Richard Linkens

Margaret Lonzetta

Paula Luborsky

Hannah Macleod

John Margerum

Steve Marino and Carol Hertzoff

Anne Martinez

Marlene Maula

Donald McGeorge

Gavin Melvius

Jeff Mertz

Ross Lance Mitchell

Betty Nelson

Steven and Rochelle Nisenfeld

Maureen Northey

Helen Ohlson

Kristen O'Rourke

April Orsuto

Glenn Paige

David Picker

Michelle Roberts

Janet Robertson

Kevin Rooney

Carol Saline and Paul Rathblott

Celest Sanabria

Siobhan Scott

Lois Shestack

Mary Smith 

Raymond Smith and Dennis Murphy

Lynne and Bertram Strieb

Marie Stuart

Dolores Szymanksi

Simon Thach

Bob Weinberg and Eleanor Wilner

Robert Wickline 

Jenny Zapf

Michael Zuckerman 


Deborah Abgott

Ms. Charlotte Blake Alston

Elana Benamy and Ray Scheinfeld

Jay H. Berkowitz

Dave and Marion Brown

Louise and Jon Burton

Paul Buttner

Karen and Michael Casale

Shampa Chatterjee

Joan and Jay Cohen

Ramon and Carol Cook

Emily Darigan

Phyllis Detwiler

Allitia DiBernardo

Mark and Tobey Dichter

Neil Durkin

Faith and Harvey Edelman

Dr. Judy Finkel

Andrew Fussner & Christine Ramsey

William Fox and Mark McGuigan

Daniel Gannon 

Zenaida Gephardt

Phillip Graneto and Janice Breen

Johanna Halford-MacLeod

Daniel and Elizabeth Heyman

Megan Hicks and Jack Abgott

Oscar Holmes

Robert and Esther Hornik

Alison Howard

David Ingram and Melanye Finister

Fred Jackes and Judy Adamson

Peter Johnson and Nora Hunt-Johnson

Dan Kern and Nancy Boykin

Cheryl Laney and Kurt Breary

Abelardo and Lynne Lechter

Kristin Love

James Marsh and Linda Witt

Anthony and Linda Mauro

Suzannah Maynard

Steven Peitzman

Conrad Person and Nicole


Stephen Platt and Robin Schaufler

Eve Putkovich 

Veronica Redd

Carole Rochester

In Memory of Michael Rochester

Jason Rodriguez

Jennifer Rowley

Roger and Beverly Rubin

Rochelle Sauber

Selma Savitz

Ronald VanLangeveld and Karen lichter

Yulia Watters

     In memory of Samuel Savitz

Douglas Schaller

James and Barbara Sterchele

Kathleen Stephenson 

Melanie Stewart

Daniel Szyld and Kathleen Ross
Etheldra Templeton

John Walber and Julie Slavet

Pamela J. Walkling

Elaine Wencil

Jay Wieckowski

Roslyn Wilson

Arnie Wolf and Fern Tablin

June and Stephen Wolfson

Caroline Young and Michael Hoad


Rebecca Abgott

Nick Anselmo and Gail Kotel

Dr. Marilyn Appel

Dana and Melissa Ash

John and Kathy Burmaster

Bushnell Pelkey Fund

James Crawford and Judith Dean

John Culhane Jr.

Aron and Joan Fisher

Jean Haskell

Frank and Carol Julian

Dr. Charles and Etta Nissman


Keith Pension

Pamela and Gresham Riley 

Lane Savadove and Melanie Julian

Joyce Spindler

Dr. R.J. Wallner

Craig Charles

Gail Ehrlich

Avram Hornik

Dr. Ken and Dr. Julie Kendall

Michael and Suzanne Saltzberg

Charlotte Shuman 

$2000 +

Drs. Lisa and Glenn George

Dr. Stephanie Creary

Julia and Edward Hansen Foundation

Susan and Edward Hoffman 

Dr. Joel and Bobbie Porter
Lane Savadove and Melanie Julian

Pat Savadove

In Memory of Lionel Savadove

Eileen Baird

Jay and Joan Cohen

Drs. Julie and Ken Kendall
Laren and Mary Pitcairn

Dr. Joel and Bobbie Porter
Samuel and Selma Savitz

Maria Vickers

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