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At EgoPo Classic Theater, we are committed to creating dynamic, inventive theater that revitalizes classic text and literature into immersive experiences for our guests.  Each year, we aspire to be bigger and bolder, and your support is what helps us to reach new heights. 


Becoming a Donor

Please consider making a contribution to EgoPo and let us know that you love what we do.  Donorship comes with added benefits including recognition, invitations to exclusive events throughout the year, plus much more.  If you have questions about your donor level, please contact Managing Director, Katrina Foy at 267-273-1414.


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To Donate Over The Phone, call EgoPo's offices: 267-273-1414


To Donate With A Check, send to EgoPo Classic Theater: 317 Dickinson Street, Unit D, Philadelphia, PA 19147


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Thank you for making such a positive impact on EgoPo and the local arts community!

Individual Donors

Donors below reflect pledges, contributions, and membership donations from 2/1/2020 through 4/14/2020. 

If you believe there is a mistake or omission, please contact


Erik Freitas

Deborah Glass

William Goldberg

Robin and Dan Goldfedder

Chad and Carrie Gorn

Christine Grantham

Jacqueline Greenberg

Sondra Greenberg

John Gresh
Theresa Guerin
Jane and Charles Hadley
Jeffrey and Miriam Harlan

Lystra Harris

Carol Hauptfuhrer

Gail Hauptfuhrer
Joan Hecht

Geoffrey Hindle

Frances Hoenigswald

Sheru Hoffman
Elaine Hyman
Jeannette Jimenez

Elizabeth Kasevich
Valerie Keller

Cheryl Laney

Thomas Lee

Thomas and Paula Legere
Ruthie Levikoff

Paul and Janice Lipton

Margaret Lonzetta
Paul Makurath

Josephine Mangano

Mignon Adams

Jay Aubrey
David Ballard
Harry Bambrick
Aida Berzins
Tom and Kristin Bissinger

Thomas and Phyllis Blair

Deborah Block and Doug Smullens
Barbara Blonsky
Carole Boehner
Janice Bogen

Kate Brennan
Dr. Jean Brody

Zola Bryen
Ariana and Ben Burrows

Elizabeth Campion

Elena Cappella
William Castellan

Barbara Chaapel
May T'chi Chen and Lung Lai

Rosina Coltellaro
Peter and Therese Conn

Craig Crosby
Marina D'Angelo

Jeffrey Dekro

Sophy DiPinto
Neil Durkin

Jennifer and Dwight Edwards

Susan Feagin

Katrina Foy and Jeff Fraska

Brett Mapp and Morgan Hugo

John Margerum

Steve Marino and Carol Hertzoff

Anthony Mauro
Jeff Mertz

Thomas Nelson

Charlene Nolten

Joann and James Oser

Margaret Otte

Glenn Paige

Stephen Platt

Julie Rainbow
Carol Saline and Paul Rathblott
Gloria Reisman

Pauline Rosenberg
Martin and Suzanne Rubel
Roger and Beverly Rubin

Robert Ruelan
Louis and Fania Samuels

Marcia Saunders

Joann and Richard Simon
Mary Smith

Brad Spenla and Regan Buker
Donna and David Stone III
Bertram and Lynne Strieb
Tara Swartz
Dolores Szymanski
Anne Teitelman

Robert Wickline
David Wierz
Faye and Anthony Wooten
Katherine Yacko
Michael Zuckerman and Sharon Holt


Deborah Abgott
John Abrams
Cecily Banks
Faith Bevitz

Cory and Pauline Boyce
Monika Burke
John and Kathy Burmaster

Bushnell Pelkey Family Fund
John Calaitges
Serena Callahan
Karen and Michael Casale
Dr. Shampa Chatterjee
Jay and Joan Cohen

Delaware Valley Polio Survivors


Allitia DiBernardo

Michaela Draganska and Uli Doraszelski
Erica Eisenberg

David Finger

Pat and Tom Foy, Jr.
Dan Gannon

Dr. Zenaida Gephardt
Roseann Gill

Marie Gottschalk and Atul Kohli
Phil Graneto and Janice Breen

Barry and Joanna Groebel

John Guare and Adele Chatfield

Nancy Gulick

Daniel and Elizabeth Heyman

Megan Hicks and Jack Abgott
David Ingram and Melanye Finister
Frederick Jackes and Judith Adamson
Dr. Roshan Jain

Raymond James Charitable Trust on behalf of the Bushnell/Pelkey Fund

Jane Jennings
Peter Johnson and Nora Hunt-Johnson
Melanie Julian
Daniel Kern and Nancy Boykin
Lisa and Daniel Levinthal

Rochelle Lewis
Joseph Lex
Kristin Love

Lydia Magee
Robert McLaughlin
Ross Mitchell

Steven and Rochelle Nisenfeld
Charles and Etta Nissman
Rod and Martha Olson
Charles Palus and Beth Zelasky

Keith Pension

Nicole Fabricand-Person and Conrad Person

The Philadelphia Foundation on Behalf of

the Judith Stillman Finkel Family Fund

Eve Putkovich

Veronica Redd
Janet Robertson

Carole Rochester

In Memory of Michael Rochester

Jennifer Rowley
Ray Scheinfeld and Elana Benamy
Brett and Carrie Schur
Shirley Smith

Edward Sobel
Andrew Szabo and Susan Long
Daniel Szyld and Kathleen Ross

Randolph Taylor
Etheldra Templeton
Lisa Unger

Susan Walla
Jeffrey and Stacey Walls
Bob and Eleanor Weinberg
Jay Wieckowski
Beach Wires

Arnie Wolf and Fern Tablin


Marilyn Appel

Rebecca Abgott
Craig Charles

Ramon and Carol Cook

Mark and Tobey Dichter

Aron and Joan Fisher

Jean Haskell
Frank and Carol Julian
Pam and Gresham Riley

Lane Savadove
Melanie Stewart

Dr. RJ Wallner
Linda Witt and James Marsh

Caroline Young and Michael Hoad


Dana and Melissa Ash

Nick Anselmo

Stephen and Karina Balfour
Dr. Stephanie Creary

Gail Ehrlich

Drs. Julie and Ken Kendall

Michael and Suzanne Saltzberg
Charlotte Shuman
Joyce Spindler

$2000 +

Drs. Lisa and Glenn George
Edward and Julia Hansen Foundation
Edward and Susan Hoffman

Joel and Bobbie Porter

Lionel and Patricia Savadove

In Memory of Lionel Savadove

Dr. Joel and Bobbie Porter
Samuel and Selma Savitz

Jay and Joan Cohen

“A major achievement by a company that is notable for its bold, intellectually bracing work.”

City Paper

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