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Artaud Unbound

Film and radio scenarios by Antonin Artaud

Co-produced with BRAT Productions, 4 world premier adaptations of Artaud's works took center stage.

Two power-packed hours of Artaud's ground-breaking film scenarios, radio plays, and manifestos played at The Latvian Society of Philadelphia. Audiences entered a candle-lit gothic parlor, filled with draped cabaret tables, sipping red wine and nibbling on French hors d'œuvres, as these unusual and never-before-seen works came to life.

Adapted from the silent film scenario by Tom Sellar
Directed and conceived by Lane Savadove
Featuring: Ed Swidey, Cindy Spitko,@Rachel Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez, Karina Balfour, Laura Fullerton, Jenna Kuerzi, and Kelsey Malone

"The Butcher's Revolt"
Adapted from the silent film scenario
Directed and conceived by Brenna Geffers
Featuring: David Blatt and Megan Hoke

"To Have Done With the Judgment of God"
Adapted from the radio play
Directed and conceived by Mathew Wright
Featuring: L.J. Norelli, Nancy Ellis, and Cindy Spitko

"Manifestos and Spurt of Blood"
Adapted from Artaud's only play and his manifestos
Directed and conceived by Michael Alltop
Featuring: David Blatt, Megan Hoke, Rachel O'Hanlon Rodriguez, Kristen KO O'Rourke, Ed Swidey, and Michael Alltop

Set Design: Jacob Goddard
Lighting Design: Matt Sharp
Costume Design: Katherine Fritz
Stage Manager: Michael Chittenden

Produced in collaboration with BRAT Productions.

"The acting was expressive, staying just this side of going over the top." -Broad Street Review

"Featuring the most exciting emerging actors of the avant-garde scene." -Broadway World

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