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Based on the novel by Henri Barbusse
Directed by Lane Savadove

The conclusion of EgoPo's Theatre of Cruelty season showcased a dramatization of France's most scandalous novel.

This world premiere production, adapted from Henri Barbusse's novel by artistic director Lane Savadove and EgoPo regular Ross Beschler, follows an obsessed voyeur as he peers into the lives of those around him through a hole he discovers in the wall of his boarding house room. This beautiful, mysterious, and shockingly graphic foray into "Hell" was staged at The German Society.

Featuring: Ross Beschler, Mary Lee Bednarek, Allen Radway, Ed Swidey, Cindy Spitko, Sean Lally, Sara Yoko Howard, and Sarah Rachel Schol.

Director: Lane Savadove
Set Design & Production Manager: Tony Hostetter
Lighting & Sound Design: Matt Sharp
Costume Design: Janus Stefanowicz
Video Design: Ren Manley
Technical Director: Tom Fusco
Stage Manager: Michael Chittenden
Asst Stage Managers: Alexander McCarty & Chris Christopher Bratek

Produced as part of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA)

"EgoPo Artistic Director Lane Savadove and actor Ross Beschler, who plays the lead character, manage to open up the novel’s myopic stream of consciousness, with varying degrees of success, for the stage." -Culture Vulture

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