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Acting from the Body: Viewpoints, a movement-based workshop for experienced actors, draws on the belief that by listening to the body and following one's physical impulses the actor will find greater emotional truth in performance.  Designed to guide actors toward more vital and dynamic performances, the Viewpoints-based training creates a deep sense of vulnerability and spontaneity in the actor.  Our classes will be physically demanding and structured to give the actor crucial, concrete tools to take to the stage in any theatrical style.  Taught by Lane Savadove, EgoPo's Producing Artistic Director and nationally-recognized Viewpoints trainer, everyone from up-and-comers to well-versed individuals can benefit from what EgoPo has to offer.


The term "Viewpoints" was first coined for use in theater by Anne Bogart.  Viewpoints has become a staple for actor training in many undergraduate and graduate acting programs.  The goal of this training technique is to first heighten the actor's ability to sense the multitude of kinesthetic stimuli that is available to them on stage.  The second step is to enable the actor to perceive and follow the resulting physical impulses.  Savadove uses this work to help the actor become more adept at using their body as a "thinking tool", and to be able to commit to emotions that are physiological and "complete."  Savadove developed his interpretation of the method while teaching at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and continues to teach it at universities throughout the region.


There are no currently scheduled workshops.  To request, please email

"EgoPo actors exude a clean physical assuredness; it is rare these days to see such belief in the majesty of empty space and silence." - San Francisco Weekly

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