Hailed as "blazing with imagination" by BackStage, EgoPo Classic Theater combines virtuosic physical performances with the poetic language of classic plays to create visceral and visually stunning theater. 


Part of our mission is to bring our unique work to audiences throughout the nation and beyond. There are several ways we can bring our work to you:


          *Bring one of our world premiere creations into your traditional space;


          *Take your non-traditional space and fill it with one of our site-sensitive productions; or,


          *Welcome us to your university to stage one of our epic classics with your students. 


Watch videos, browse photos, read reviews and learn more about our touring productions: 


Beckett Company PHL Press 1.JPG

EgoPo’s hit show has sold out in five cities. Most recently, it ran for four days in Philadelphia before traveling to the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival. Audiences lay down with blankets and pillows a Beckett slumber party. An immersive sensory experience, they are blindfolded on their backs in the dark, the haunting text whispered in their ears. The show concludes with cookies and milk.

A posse of unexpected cowboys crack open our love of guns and our obsession with the bad guys. A World Premiere staged environmentally in a created dime museum saloon.

A heartbreaking story of a family fractured by a working man's need for success. EgoPo unearths Miller's Jewish roots for our production of America's most beloved play. 

A group of disparate Jews are shuttled from Prague in a cattle car. They bond over tales of the Jewish protector, the Golem. A World Premiere told with puppetry, music, and physical theater. 

 The story examines the inner-life of a young office clerk who dreams of freedom and a higher purpose in life.  He finds a magical escape, a secret stairs to the roof of his office, which begins his journey from the ordinary to seek an extraordinary life.

Mystical, beautiful, and heartbreaking, this theater classic is a moving portrait of the human yearning for connection. Arrive lakeside as a guest of our young writer/director as he attempts to invent a new form of theater for our private audience. Lane Savadove transports you to an evening party in this Symbolist approach to Chekhov’s iconic play.


In Romulus Linney's adaptation of Ibsen's Peer Gynt, the music and images of rural America are evoked to make a rollicking, wild yarn.

 The Hairy Ape submerges audiences into the world of a coal stoker, Yank. His sense of identity is shattered when an encounter with a rich heiress allows him to see himself through her eyes. The proud laborer comes to the realization that he is an outsider, that class barriers have stolen his sense of humanity and belonging. He seeks to find his place in the world but finds that he can't break the barriers that separate him from society.

A daring and illuminating vision of America's history of slavery, and its future as a post-racial dream, this adaptation of the classic novel uses reverse race casting.

A World Premiere.